Sunday, October 17, 2010

boring Dungeon

O.K so when my famliy wenItalict to the dungeon the outside looked cool. When we got inside, there was a desk (in France it seems like they do that with all the old buildings) and we had to pay to go inside the boring dungeon. We went into our first room, there was a giant lame new purple sign thing. It sort of looked like a giant book. That room was lame. They could have put fake people in there.

Then we went down the stairs. They were Cinderella stairs where they go round and round and round. (My mom calls them spiral stairs). Some of the stairs were so old, they had to put in new stairs. It was weird.

The next room was also lame because it had plates. Not ugly rusty plates for prisoners in the dungeon but fancy plates. It was lame. What are fancy plates doing in a dungeon? Lame, really lame.

Right next to it was a big old room and nothing was in it. It was really dark. When you spoke there was an Echo echo echo echo echo.

Then we went to a room with paintings. Why are there paintings in a dungeon? Lame. really really lame.
I am going to skip the rest of the painting part because it is just like the plates.

Then we went up the stairs, again, and there was the roof. It was pretty cool. It was not lame. You could see everything. The whole town. The dungeon was a little fun.

After the dungeon we went and had hot chocolate and a pastry.

Near the cafe, there was this really really bad singing guy. It was weird. He had a microphone, drums and a piano. He never touched the piano. It was weird because he yelled into the microphone and was drumming at the same time. It is a microphone you aren't supposed to yell into it.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

quick story

My library teacher helps me learn French.

One day when she was helping me, we were working on seasons.

She said the French word for autumn is automne.

She says, how do you say it in English. I say fall. Because in America you have autumn and fall. But most people say fall. So I told her fall.

Then she says it was autumn.

After that she struggled saying "I only speak English. Not American"

Giggle (by me).