Thursday, January 13, 2011

The cake of the kings

Everybody at schoolB today got cake at lunch. As usual, they put the dessert right in front of us. My friend Zelie had something great in her cake. (When I saw it is was actually blue, but it will make more sense to say grey.) Everybody around her wanted her to eat faster. I thought they were trying to rush her to go outside. But I was confused because I was sitting at her table and they weren't yelling at me, just her.
I took a bite of my cake because I didn't know why they wereU screaming.
I was very hungry. But then I sawN the blue thing in mine. I didn't want to eat it because it looked disgusting. Out of curiousity I was wondering why they put it there. I pulled it out and it was a blue snake. cha cha.

Zelie got an elephant in her piece of cake. It was grey.

I knew what the game was. You take a piece of cake and there might be a little tiny figure in the cake. If you get the toy you are king or queen of the day and get to wear a crown. If you don't get it you are a loser.

Zelie and I switched. I now have the elephant.

Then end.

P.S. Ellie got one too on the same day. Katie got one before us.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

boring Dungeon

O.K so when my famliy wenItalict to the dungeon the outside looked cool. When we got inside, there was a desk (in France it seems like they do that with all the old buildings) and we had to pay to go inside the boring dungeon. We went into our first room, there was a giant lame new purple sign thing. It sort of looked like a giant book. That room was lame. They could have put fake people in there.

Then we went down the stairs. They were Cinderella stairs where they go round and round and round. (My mom calls them spiral stairs). Some of the stairs were so old, they had to put in new stairs. It was weird.

The next room was also lame because it had plates. Not ugly rusty plates for prisoners in the dungeon but fancy plates. It was lame. What are fancy plates doing in a dungeon? Lame, really lame.

Right next to it was a big old room and nothing was in it. It was really dark. When you spoke there was an Echo echo echo echo echo.

Then we went to a room with paintings. Why are there paintings in a dungeon? Lame. really really lame.
I am going to skip the rest of the painting part because it is just like the plates.

Then we went up the stairs, again, and there was the roof. It was pretty cool. It was not lame. You could see everything. The whole town. The dungeon was a little fun.

After the dungeon we went and had hot chocolate and a pastry.

Near the cafe, there was this really really bad singing guy. It was weird. He had a microphone, drums and a piano. He never touched the piano. It was weird because he yelled into the microphone and was drumming at the same time. It is a microphone you aren't supposed to yell into it.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

quick story

My library teacher helps me learn French.

One day when she was helping me, we were working on seasons.

She said the French word for autumn is automne.

She says, how do you say it in English. I say fall. Because in America you have autumn and fall. But most people say fall. So I told her fall.

Then she says it was autumn.

After that she struggled saying "I only speak English. Not American"

Giggle (by me).

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Last Saturday, Sept. 18, my new friend Zelie came over.

I was so excited.

The day before the playdate I wrote a note in French to Zelie that asked: would you come to my house to play. She wanted to come over.

In the morning before the playdate with Zelie we went to the market. At the market, Zelie was there!! We had no clue she was going to be there. I asked her to bring her swimsuit. Her mom said she loved swimming.

I like Zelie because she reminds me of Georgia and she was the first person to help me out. Zelie was in my first class.

When Zelie came over on Saturday, she brought me a present. In France, when you go to a new house, you give the person you are playing with a present.

Zelie does not speak English and I don't speak French (of course). But what we do is that we communicate silently.

da da da dum . . . . . . silently.

We went swimming. We went up and down a lot of stairs. We went outside. We had a snack.

It was a fun time.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My new class

At the end of my first day my teacher told me that I was going to switch classes. I wasn't happy because I really liked my class. I wanted to stay there.

On my second day, Friday, I went to my new class. I have a new teacher and it is a boy. At first I didn't really like the class. The teacher was nice but I didn't really like the new kids in my class. To me, the room was dark and ewww. But in my other class the room was all bright and yay.

In my new class, I would sit wondering what to do or the teacher would try to translate to English. In my old class, the teacher spoke fluent English.

In the afternoon, I was sitting at my desk when my new teacher called my name. He said, "what is this?" He was pointing to a map. I thought he wanted to know what place it was. So I said "France" He said, "No" Then he looked it up in a dictionary and he said it was a map. Duh, I knew that.

This really tall guy in my class has really short hair. At the top his hair is really short. Like a minature mohawk. It is hilarous.

I have gotten to know the kids in my new class a lot better and they don't seem so bad. I just really liked my other class.

I have gone to school more and I like my new class more but my other class is still my favorite.

I only see my other teacher in English.

Lunch is awesome. It sort of feels like you are eating with your family because they have metal silverware and real plates. I have to bring in a cloth napkin.

Friday, September 10, 2010

first day of school

Thursday was my first day of school.

I had to walk to school instead of riding a bus. I am sort of glad I don't have to ride a bus because I don't want to sit next to a crabby teenager or a whiny baby.

Here you can either drive or walk and I want to walk.

Now about school. I was a little nervous about the first day of school. I was wondering how to open lockers because I didn't know what they looked like. Then I figured out, they don't have lockers. They have this little thingy on their desk. It is like a hook and you put your backpack on it. They don't call it a backpack, they call it a sac.

When you first get to the school, you don't go inside. The teachers stand outside and you play outside until it time to go in. You know when to go inside because everybody goes in.

When I first got there I had no idea what to do. I stood there doing nothing. But this girl came up and she talked to me. Then I ran to grandma and asked how to say, "I don't speak French."

It took about 20 hours for me to figure it out, but I finally got it.

When I got inside everybody started talking and they all crowded around me. It was weird because they all wanted to hold my hand on the way to class.

When I got to class there was this girl I sat next to who helped me. During recess we played together.

I sat in the back of the classroom so no one would do stuff behind my back. That is a weird sentence.

My teacher speaks English and French. She was nice.

Lunch was AWESOME. In France, you sit with 3 other people at a lunch table. Other people are around you, but there is a wall in between the tables. The food is good. First, you have an appetizer. Then the main meal. Then DESSERT. They bring the food in a serving dish to the table. The first main meal was steak and green beans. Then it was chocolate for dessert.

Recess. The first day was really weird because everyone was around me. So we sort of played a game where someone held my hand and then we just ran fast and everyone else chased us.

I think that it enough for now.

p.s. at home it is 2:20 in the afternoon. In France it is 8:20 pm.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

plane trip to France

When we were walking to get on the plane, there was this guy and his hair was all knotty. Far away it looked like his hair was in braids. There was a whole bunch of hair sticking out.

There was this other guy I saw at the North Carolina airport who looked like he was from Texas because he had a Texas shirt and jeans. It was weird because he had a mustache and it was all curly. I was amazed by his mustache.

We took 2 planes. The first one was small and it only took an hour. It was from Detroit to North Carolina.

The second plane was bigger and it was a night plane. So we slept on it. But I didn't sleep. I tried to but it was so uncomfortable. So I watched TV. I watched 3 movies: The Karate Kid, The Last Song and The Tooth Fairy. I didn't really expect what I watched in The Karate Kid. It was good. The Last Song was awesome. I didn't really finish watching The Tooth Fairy because we were landing.

On the plane, since it was a night plane, we had free dinner. It was spicy. I had chicken with barbecue sauce on it. I just scraped off the barbecue and the chicken was good. Then there were green beans. Usually I like them, but these were spicy. Every time I ate one I had to drink lots of water. So I only ate 3. Then there was cake. I finished the cake. There wasn't a crumb left.

When we arrived in Paris they gave us a breakfast snack on the plane. It was so good I ate all of mine and most of Ellie's.

The airport in Paris is really really big. The escalator was so cool. In America, our escalator s have stairs. Well, at the Paris airport, there are no stairs on the escalator. It is really fun because you go up and down a lot of hills. One time we went through a tunnel.

If I had to describe the plane trip, I would say it was funky.