Thursday, January 13, 2011

The cake of the kings

Everybody at schoolB today got cake at lunch. As usual, they put the dessert right in front of us. My friend Zelie had something great in her cake. (When I saw it is was actually blue, but it will make more sense to say grey.) Everybody around her wanted her to eat faster. I thought they were trying to rush her to go outside. But I was confused because I was sitting at her table and they weren't yelling at me, just her.
I took a bite of my cake because I didn't know why they wereU screaming.
I was very hungry. But then I sawN the blue thing in mine. I didn't want to eat it because it looked disgusting. Out of curiousity I was wondering why they put it there. I pulled it out and it was a blue snake. cha cha.

Zelie got an elephant in her piece of cake. It was grey.

I knew what the game was. You take a piece of cake and there might be a little tiny figure in the cake. If you get the toy you are king or queen of the day and get to wear a crown. If you don't get it you are a loser.

Zelie and I switched. I now have the elephant.

Then end.

P.S. Ellie got one too on the same day. Katie got one before us.