Sunday, September 26, 2010


Last Saturday, Sept. 18, my new friend Zelie came over.

I was so excited.

The day before the playdate I wrote a note in French to Zelie that asked: would you come to my house to play. She wanted to come over.

In the morning before the playdate with Zelie we went to the market. At the market, Zelie was there!! We had no clue she was going to be there. I asked her to bring her swimsuit. Her mom said she loved swimming.

I like Zelie because she reminds me of Georgia and she was the first person to help me out. Zelie was in my first class.

When Zelie came over on Saturday, she brought me a present. In France, when you go to a new house, you give the person you are playing with a present.

Zelie does not speak English and I don't speak French (of course). But what we do is that we communicate silently.

da da da dum . . . . . . silently.

We went swimming. We went up and down a lot of stairs. We went outside. We had a snack.

It was a fun time.

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