Friday, September 10, 2010

first day of school

Thursday was my first day of school.

I had to walk to school instead of riding a bus. I am sort of glad I don't have to ride a bus because I don't want to sit next to a crabby teenager or a whiny baby.

Here you can either drive or walk and I want to walk.

Now about school. I was a little nervous about the first day of school. I was wondering how to open lockers because I didn't know what they looked like. Then I figured out, they don't have lockers. They have this little thingy on their desk. It is like a hook and you put your backpack on it. They don't call it a backpack, they call it a sac.

When you first get to the school, you don't go inside. The teachers stand outside and you play outside until it time to go in. You know when to go inside because everybody goes in.

When I first got there I had no idea what to do. I stood there doing nothing. But this girl came up and she talked to me. Then I ran to grandma and asked how to say, "I don't speak French."

It took about 20 hours for me to figure it out, but I finally got it.

When I got inside everybody started talking and they all crowded around me. It was weird because they all wanted to hold my hand on the way to class.

When I got to class there was this girl I sat next to who helped me. During recess we played together.

I sat in the back of the classroom so no one would do stuff behind my back. That is a weird sentence.

My teacher speaks English and French. She was nice.

Lunch was AWESOME. In France, you sit with 3 other people at a lunch table. Other people are around you, but there is a wall in between the tables. The food is good. First, you have an appetizer. Then the main meal. Then DESSERT. They bring the food in a serving dish to the table. The first main meal was steak and green beans. Then it was chocolate for dessert.

Recess. The first day was really weird because everyone was around me. So we sort of played a game where someone held my hand and then we just ran fast and everyone else chased us.

I think that it enough for now.

p.s. at home it is 2:20 in the afternoon. In France it is 8:20 pm.


  1. Thanks for posting this, Gabi. Keep it up. I love reading about the interesting things you are doing in France. We miss you so much but hope to see you soon. Love you, Aunt Lesa

  2. hello.i am a chicken. oh,no i am are the best ! hope your having fun! i am practicing my lady gaga sounds fun!im glad you found someone who can be your france friend!i love you!

    georgia frost [you know that girl you knew]

  3. Gabi...I am so glad you started blogging again! I LOVE reading it...and seeing the pictures too! Sounds like you are enjoying France so far! We miss you very much!
    Love you, Aunt Heather

  4. Georgia, my new friend, Zelie, reminds me of you so much. But she is 9. Not an awesome 10 year old, like you.