Saturday, September 18, 2010

My new class

At the end of my first day my teacher told me that I was going to switch classes. I wasn't happy because I really liked my class. I wanted to stay there.

On my second day, Friday, I went to my new class. I have a new teacher and it is a boy. At first I didn't really like the class. The teacher was nice but I didn't really like the new kids in my class. To me, the room was dark and ewww. But in my other class the room was all bright and yay.

In my new class, I would sit wondering what to do or the teacher would try to translate to English. In my old class, the teacher spoke fluent English.

In the afternoon, I was sitting at my desk when my new teacher called my name. He said, "what is this?" He was pointing to a map. I thought he wanted to know what place it was. So I said "France" He said, "No" Then he looked it up in a dictionary and he said it was a map. Duh, I knew that.

This really tall guy in my class has really short hair. At the top his hair is really short. Like a minature mohawk. It is hilarous.

I have gotten to know the kids in my new class a lot better and they don't seem so bad. I just really liked my other class.

I have gone to school more and I like my new class more but my other class is still my favorite.

I only see my other teacher in English.

Lunch is awesome. It sort of feels like you are eating with your family because they have metal silverware and real plates. I have to bring in a cloth napkin.

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