Thursday, May 27, 2010


Me, Gabi, is going to France for 10 months with a big house to live in. It has a pool in the backyard. A kitchen. 8 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms and 1 play/junk/kitchen room.
My mom has a blog too. It is called Fracassi Family in France.
I am awesome.
It is true.
When I am in France I am a little worried about my grades, and a little worried because my principal speaks English. So if I call a teacher a big meannie pants, then the principal will know and understand.
On the first day of school for me the French people wil be talking like la ferme, bonjour, paillettes and I won't understand what they are saying and I won't care what they are saying.
From me,
the awesome Gabi


  1. Gabi, you are awesome. So excited to hear about your adventures. Keep up the great blog.

  2. Gabi, both this blog AND you are awesome! Can't wait to read more.

    Love you!

    Your (favorite) cousin, Hannah