Monday, May 31, 2010

Grandma Huget

I am interviewing my Grandma Huget.
She is going to live with us in France.

Are you excited about France?
I am very excited about France. I love France and I love my grandchildren. So spending a year living with them is such a treat that I can't believe it. I have stayed with them when their mom and dad were on vacation and had the most fun I have had in a long time.

What do you think you are going to do when me, Katie, Ellie and Joey are going to be in school?
There are many things that will keep your mom and I busy. Learning to cook the French way. Learning to speak French well. Hanging all of your clothes on a line in the basement.

Joey interrupts with his own question, why does an ant pee?
Ummmm. I am not sure.

Do you think you are going to meet someone from Scotland?
Oh. Hmm. What an interesting question. How will I know if someone is from Scotland?
Well then they will speak Scotlandishness.
Well in that case then I will know for sure that they are from Scotland!

In France, can you sign Joey up for ballet?
You know, I think the French would love to teach Joey ballet.

Do you think you will go to jail in France?
Well, your mom is an attorney and if I end up in jail, hopefully she will come and get me out.

Now you can go play hockey with Joey. Thanks Grandma.
You are a good interviewer.
Of course I am.

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  1. Gabi, can you speak "Scotlandishness"? If yes, will you teach me?