Wednesday, September 8, 2010

plane trip to France

When we were walking to get on the plane, there was this guy and his hair was all knotty. Far away it looked like his hair was in braids. There was a whole bunch of hair sticking out.

There was this other guy I saw at the North Carolina airport who looked like he was from Texas because he had a Texas shirt and jeans. It was weird because he had a mustache and it was all curly. I was amazed by his mustache.

We took 2 planes. The first one was small and it only took an hour. It was from Detroit to North Carolina.

The second plane was bigger and it was a night plane. So we slept on it. But I didn't sleep. I tried to but it was so uncomfortable. So I watched TV. I watched 3 movies: The Karate Kid, The Last Song and The Tooth Fairy. I didn't really expect what I watched in The Karate Kid. It was good. The Last Song was awesome. I didn't really finish watching The Tooth Fairy because we were landing.

On the plane, since it was a night plane, we had free dinner. It was spicy. I had chicken with barbecue sauce on it. I just scraped off the barbecue and the chicken was good. Then there were green beans. Usually I like them, but these were spicy. Every time I ate one I had to drink lots of water. So I only ate 3. Then there was cake. I finished the cake. There wasn't a crumb left.

When we arrived in Paris they gave us a breakfast snack on the plane. It was so good I ate all of mine and most of Ellie's.

The airport in Paris is really really big. The escalator was so cool. In America, our escalator s have stairs. Well, at the Paris airport, there are no stairs on the escalator. It is really fun because you go up and down a lot of hills. One time we went through a tunnel.

If I had to describe the plane trip, I would say it was funky.

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  1. hello gabs! intresting plane ride,hmm.ill email you later.